K9 Services



The Old Oak Workingdogs has regularly single and dual-purpose dogs for sale. From our own breeding or chosen by ourselves from well-known and proven working lines nests. All these dogs are medically tested and radiant on back, elbows and hips.

As many foreign buyers know, the trade in K9 dogs is not always an easy one. Or, like our American friend would say; “The dog industry is a dirty business, it’s all about the money!” To judge a dog for his qualities in a short period of time is nearly impossible. Hidden deficiencies like fear of heights, carsickness, a lack of social behavior or not being social when around humans, will often show after the dog has been purchased. Nevertheless, the Old Oak K9 services has very good relationships with reliable dog traders. Next to this the foreign buyers will have the opportunity to test the dogs, over a certain period of time, on our accommodation.

During this period of time you can, if you wish, stay within our Guest Houses. Please have a look at www.indenoudeneik.nl. Our accommodation has a training area provided with a variety of obstacles where the dogs can test in many ways.

Within the direct environment, the dogs can be extensively tested on how they behave within certain surroundings. Traffic, escalators, stairs, public transportation and other places where many people will gather. The Old Oak K9 services will allow 4 dogs per transportation.

We are convinced that this way of selecting has many advantages and helps to prevent disappointments. The Old Oak has a good relationship with a vet who is specialized in making and assessing x-rays so that you can be sure the dog is 100 percent ok from a medical perspective.


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